BILI-Art class proudly presents

Fun Objects

Students of the Bili-Art classes concentrated on fun objects from everyday life. 


They looked at different artists who worked with everyday objects. Then they did their own creative artwork: “Everyday object doodles” – fast interactive sketches or “Pop Art paintings” – colourful painted artworks.


Fun objects, bold and bright colours – these are just a few characteristics of “Pop Art” and something year 8 learned about in the last few weeks. After getting to know famous artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and studying their art work, it was their turn to put their newly acquired knowledge into practice. First up was creating this fun collaborative Popcorn Pop Art work before they create their very own colourful Pop Art art piece.


In “Everyday object doodles” students of year 6 – 9 got to know the artist Victor Nunes. Then they drew fast sketches and combined them with everyday objects.  At the end they had designed remarkable interactive doodles that were fun to do. It’s not only fun to create such doodles but it’s also fun to look at them.


So if you need something to brighten up your day, then have a look at the funny doodles and the colourful paintings!